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Harry Potter Cosplay
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A Community of Harry Potter Cosplayers
As the name suggests, this community is for and about cosplaying and costuming the Harry Potter. Feel free to discuss costume ideas, show off homemade items, pictures of your costumes in action, ask for advice ir anything costume related.

Please read the rules before you join


1. This is a community for discussing Harry Potter cosplay and costuming. Please do not discuss anything off-topic. There are many other communities on LJ for Harry Potter, this is just for cosplay and costuming.

2. Keep it nice! This is not a community for caddy behavior. The maintainer will determine what is caddy and what is not. If you have an issue with someone, keep it out of the community. Do not be rude because someone has an item that you do not.

3. Please use tags with your posts. If you are new to this community and have a specific question please check the tags first before posting.

4. If posting pictures, please put all pictures after the first behind a cut tag. If you don't know how to create a cut-tag, read this.

Also, here's a quick lesson. Imagine that this is your post:

Some text and the first picture.

< lj-cut >

Rest of text and any other pictures.

< /lj-cut >

Remove the blank spaces between the angle < > brackets, and you're done.

For that first picture before the cut-tag, please don't post anything wider than 400 pixels. Post that do not follow this rule will be warned, if the issue is not fixed the post will be removed.

5. This is not a How To community. If you have questions on sewing or knitting please join a community designed to help with that.

6. The Maintainer will not accept "But I didn't know!" as an excuse for breaking the community's rules. If you consistently break the rules, you will be booted and banned.

7. Maintainer has final say. If there is an issue, if policy changes...maintainer always have final say.


1. For now sales posts of all kind will be allowed. If this community grows large this may change. Updates will be posted if this policy changes.
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